For old gamers who like playing PS1 and PS2 games, you will definitely be familiar with GameShark. After its power faded, now this tool which is usually used for cheating will return.

An audio company called Altec Slim, is rumored to be leading its revival. They introduced it with a new name, namely AI Shark.

Yes, as the name suggests, the software will be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). Then its function changed, it could no longer be used by players to cheat.

Reported by Gamestation from prweb, Monday (15/1/2023), AI Shark will later utilize XGPT technology and TPU acceleration directly. That way, this tool can be used to provide a better gaming experience for beginners.

So users will be presented with various instructions and assistance regarding the game they are playing. No longer like traditional cheat tools, which manipulate hardware, load mods and other code.

“Leveraging the power of AI, supercomputers, and our incredible team of coders, we aim to surpass GameShark’s glory tenfold and redefine the gaming landscape on a global scale,” said Todd Hays, Founder of Ai Shark.

It is said that AI Shark is console-agnostic. The software can adapt to a variety of gaming peripherals, including gaming keyboards, headphones and mice.

Altec Langsing revealed that AI Shark plans to be present this year’s holiday season. Surprisingly, they said it was possible that the software would reach gamers at the same time as the Nintendo Switch 2 release schedule.

“This marks the start of a series of AI Gaming technology partnerships that will enhance the gaming ecosystem for players around the world,” added Hays.