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Raffi Ahmad and Baim Wong duel on Mendadak FF, who wins?

Rans Entertainment today, Friday (22/12/2023), is holding an esports competition entitled Mendadak FF. The event was filled with battles between several artists, cosplayers, creators, comedians and pro players in playing the game made by Garena, namely Free Fire.

The event was held at Studio Sepat 72, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. A total of 16 players were divided into two teams, including Frost led by Raffi Ahmad and Fire led by Baim Wong.

Raffi’s team consists of Marshel Widianto (Komika), Jinan (Ex JKT48 Member), Rasyah Rasyid (Pro Player & Content Creator), El Rumi, Praz Teguh (Komika), Cindy Gulla (Ex JKT48 Member), and Punipun (Cosplayer).

Meanwhile, the Baim Wong team is staffed by Angie Marcheria (Content Creator), Jesslyn (Ex JKT48 Member), Aldi TV (Content Creator), Aldi Taher (Celebrity), Ummi Quary (Comedian), Ayana (Ex JKT48 Member), and Kameaam (Cosplayer). ).

This is different from Free Fire competitions in general, considering that Sudden FF starts immediately from the semifinals using the best of 3 (Bo3) format. However, here they are not playing in battle royale mode, but in clash squad mode.

So the battle is four vs four in one arena. Not 60 players gathered in one map, and trying to be the only team that survives until the end of the match.

So, the winner in the semi-final round has the right to advance to the grand final round to compete for the championship title. Who do you think will be the winner, is Raffi’s team or Baim’s team?

The sudden excitement of Free Fire was also enlivened by Tretan Muslim, Coki Pardede, and Mayden as casters. For those who are curious, you can watch the live broadcast on YouTube Rans Entertainment.

Prepare Ammunition! Try the Free Fire Winterlands Event, Top Up Half Price

Who doesn’t know the battle royale game Free Fire? This game is an exciting mobile shooting game that is played by all ages, from children to adults.

This game, developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena, is a quite popular game. In 2020, Free Fire set a record with more than 80 million daily active users worldwide.

This game invites players to try to survive. Players are also required to look for weapons and other attributes in order to become champions on an island filled with other players.

To add to the excitement, Free Fire is now holding an event entitled Winterlands. Players have the opportunity to win a jackpot prize of up to 9,999 diamonds.

For gamers who want to take part in this event, the method is quite easy, including:

1. Login and enter the Free Fire game

2. Select the Winterland 2022 event interface

3. Collect Icy Breadman tokens

4. Build every game preparation

5. And, collect every existing milestone

After participating in this event, gamers just have to try out and explore the game with the various excitement offered in the Free Fire game. To make the game easier to buy the best items in it and get lots of bonuses.

Don’t forget to top up your Free Fire account using FUNDS on Google Play because you will get lots of benefits, starting from topping up for just HALF THE PRICE to being able to get 500 thousand Free Fire diamonds.

How to #PayNoRisk using FUNDS on Google Play is also easy, you know. All you have to do is follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to your profile on Google Play

2. Select add payment method, then select FUNDS and follow the next steps

3. Buy games or subscribe to your favorite applications on Google Play

4. Select pay using FUNDS, done!

It’s easy, right? That way, you will have many advantages and be ready to start your survival in Free Fire Winterlands. What are you waiting for, gas!

Play Free Fire Winterland straight away and top up your Free Fire on Google Play using DANA!


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