Sony, as the parent of the video game giant, namely PlayStation, has to face a mass lawsuit with a fantastic value. It is known that the figure reached USD 7.9 billion or around Rp. 123 trillion.

They were accused of abusing their position as game buying and selling platform providers. The information is that Sony provides unfair prices to customers.

Actually, this lawsuit came to Sony last year. There are at least nearly nine million names of British citizens behind the lawsuit, who have purchased digital games or additional content on the PlayStation Store.

Sony lost IDR 123 trillion

Alex Neil, the lawyer who defends consumer rights, estimates that the total losses from this case will reach above the previous value. According to him, the company requires digital games and add-ons to be bought and sold only through the PlayStation Store, charging developers and publishers a 30% commission.

Reported by GameStation from Reuters, Wednesday (22/11/2023), the claim said that customers paid higher prices for games and additional content than they had to pay.

In fact, Sony’s lawyers had asked that this case be dropped. He said it was flawed from start to finish. Unfortunately the objection was not accepted and the case continues.

Here the Competition Appeal Tribunal ruled that Neil’s case could proceed. However, people who made game purchases on the PlayStation Store after the case was filed in 2022, must be excluded from the group of plaintiffs.

Neil emphasized that Sony’s actions harm millions of people who cannot afford it. Especially now that there is a cost of living crisis and many consumers’ wallets are being squeezed.