Development of the game The Last of Us Online has been stopped. This was stated directly by the developer, Naughty Dog, where the project was canceled.

“We realize many of you have been waiting for news about the project we call The Last of Us Online. There is no easy way to say this: We have made the very difficult decision to stop development of the game,” said Naughty Dog, quoted by Game Station from the site officially, Sunday (17/12/2023).

They said that the team handling this game had actually been in pre-production since the company was working on The Last of Us Part II. In fact, the concept that has been put forward is getting clearer, and according to them the gameplay of The Last of Us Online has become smoother and more satisfying.

Naughty Dog Cancel The Last Of Us Online ?

However, after reviewing it again, it turns out that quite large resources are needed. What this means is that to be able to release and support the development of The Last of Us Online, Naughty Dog must mobilize all its troops.

From his explanation, if they do that, it will certainly have an impact on the development of single player games in the future. So here Naughty Dog has to choose between being a game studio that provides direct services, or remaining focused on presenting single player games.

“We have more than one ambitious new single player game in the works at Naughty Dog, and we can’t wait to share more about what’s next when we’re ready,” he concluded.

Actually, the making of The Last of Us Online also experienced problems. The developer also apologized for not being able to show off this multiplayer game (27/5).

Meanwhile, gamers can still hope for Naughty Dog’s great work through The Last of Us Part II Remastered. It is known that this game will visit fans on January 19 2024 on PS5.