Garena officially released Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) Season 11 – Siren Song, on Thursday (7/12/2023). In this latest version of CODM, Garena brings various new content, ranging from modes, maps, to weapons.

The newest mode, called Surprise Skill Playlist, brings together 20 players in two teams. The user’s abilities (skills) will change every 30 seconds in a match.

Examples of this ability are Cranked which increases the user’s damage, Double Jump so the user can jump twice, Long Slide, and others.

Surprise Skill Playlist is divided into two versions, namely a version where each player will get the same skills, and a version that provides different skills for each player.

If you want to win in this mode, users must adapt to the skills they have acquired.

Turning to the map, the newest Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 Siren Song map is called Miami Blitz. Miami Blitz is a winter version of the Miami Strike map.

This means that this map will be enlivened by a number of decorations related to Christmas, for example snowmen, Christmas trees and gifts, and reindeer trains.

This multiplayer map includes a number of buildings flanking a long road. The road is covered in decorations such as tents and reindeer sleighs, making it a great place to hide.

Not only fighting on the street, users can also enter a number of buildings mentioned previously. Users should ideally use short-range weapons such as a Submachine Gun (SMG) or Shotgun because the buildings and roads are relatively narrow.

On the other hand, the Sniper Rifle is not suitable for use in the Miami Blitz map. Crossfire is a more suitable map if the user relies on a Sniper Rifle as their main weapon.

Talking about weapons, the latest CODM season presents two new weapons, namely Groza and Ballistic Knife. Groza is an Assault Rifle with a high rate of fire. This weapon is intended for gamers who aim for mobility rather than damage. Groza was brought from the game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.