The Day Before’s gameplay did not live up to promises, making many gamers feel lied to and negative reviews rained down. It even went straight into the list of the worst Steam games.

It first appeared on December 7, 2023. Present as early access, it turns out it didn’t give a sense of satisfaction to those who played it.

The Day Before gathered more than 30 thousand gamers, who played simultaneously. But after finding out that what Fntastic was offering as the developer was not suitable, the number of players dropped drastically.

Of course this makes many fans angry. Many of them gave very poor ratings, and called the developer a fraud.

“The biggest fraud in the history of gaming,” expressed the frustration of a gamer in the review column.

“This is the biggest failure in gaming history, and I’m happy to be at the forefront of this disaster,” continued another gamer.

Game Station monitoring from various sources including the official page on Steam, Friday (15/12/2023), it was recorded that only 15% gave positive reviews, out of a total of 21,495 people who recorded their analysis. To the extent that The Day Before received the title Overwhelmingly Negative.

What’s worse, after releasing The Day Before, a few days later the company said it would stop operating. This means they are officially closed here.

“Today we are announcing the closure of Fntastic Studio. Unfortunately, The Day Before failed financially, and we lacked the funds to continue it,” said Fntastic.

Suddenly this news became a hot topic among gamers. Not a few people make fun of it and make it a joke. One of them came from Pash***** who said something like this, “Fntastic released The Day Before and closed down The Day After,” he wrote.

Even so, the company admitted that it did not take any money from purchasing the new game. Fntastic said gamers can get a refund.

“Mytona (publisher) and we are currently working with Steam to allow refunds for any player who chooses to request one, regardless of game time,” Fntastic said.