Fortnite is reportedly coming to iOS devices at the end of 2024. So what about Android phones, when will it be released?

For gamers who usually play games using Google’s operating system, you don’t need to wait long if you want to enjoy Fortnite. Because Epic Games has presented it.

Here’s how to play Fortnite on Android, based on GameStation’s experience of trying it out firsthand. Before that, make sure the cellphone you are using has at least 4 GB RAM, is running Android OS 8.0 or higher, and is using Adreno 530.

For GPU, you can also use Mali-G71 MP20 or Mali-G72 MP12. But if you want to experience a more impressive gaming experience, you can use a cellphone with high specs.

How to Play Fortnite on Android

First of all, you need to know that there are two steps you can take, namely through the official website and the Samsung Galaxy Store. Just in practice, in the end these two steps will lead players to download the game via the Epic Games application.

So here we will explain how to get Fortnite from the official site.

Type the keyword Fortnite Mobile into Google

Then select the top link that directs players to

After that, download the Epic Games application

Then click Install and wait until the process is complete

Open the Epic Games application

Select Fortnite

Next click Install

Wait for the download process to complete

If you have entered the game and downloaded the file at least around 11.6 GB

Enter your Epic Games gamer account

If you don’t have one, please create an account by selecting Create a New Account

Click Accept (agree to the agreement) and finish

Here, just select what resolution you want to apply

Epic Games provides two options, namely Low and High. If you select High, you have to download the 4.7 GB file again. Meanwhile, if you select Low, there is no need to download again

That’s more or less how to play Fortnite on Android. So gamers don’t have to wait long until the end of 2024.