Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.44 has finally been officially released. Moonton has prepared various updates, from battlefield adjustments to buffed heroes.

“In this update, we continue to optimize and improve the gameplay of heroes that have been released for a long time. Meanwhile, you focus on the fighter experience in the exp lane,” said Moonton, quoted by Game Station from Mobile Legends in-game, Wednesday (20/12/2023 ).

In this patch, the developer adjusted fighter and tank heroes with high endurance, so they can use Revamp War Ax and Brute Force Breastplate as their main equipment. These two items have different benefits.

Revamp War Ax provides sufficient true damage. Meanwhile, the Brute Force Breastplate ensures balanced attack and defense.

“We hope that Revamp Equipment brings new colors to the fighter experience in the game,” he added.

But not only that, because as stated earlier, Moonton is also updating several of its heroes. Here there are more than five characters who are given status upgrades.

So what heroes get buffs? Let’s look at the brief description below:










Apart from that, there is also information about the arrival of a new hero named Cici – Buoyant Performer. Unfortunately, due to a few obstacles, this hero had to experience a release delay.

Previously it was scheduled that Cici would launch into the land of dawn on December 23 2023. But it seems that Mobile Legends fans have to be more patient, because Moonton is currently making adjustments.

“We will notify all players regarding the latest release date as soon as possible after this problem is fixed,” he concluded.