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TikTok Parent Wants to Sell Game Division to PUBG Mobile Owners

TikTok parent ByteDance is selling their gaming business unit. One of those interested in buying is Tencent, owner of many famous games including PUBG Mobile.

Currently ByteDance has reached the negotiation stage with Tencent, but so far has not reached an agreement, as quoted by Gamestation from Reuters, Tuesday (16/1/2024).

ByteDance and Tencent negotiated a sale involving a number of well-known games published by Nuverse, ByteDance’s gaming unit, for example Crystal of Atland and Earth: Revival.

In November 2023, ByteDance admitted that it would overhaul Nuverse and withdraw from the gaming business because they wanted to focus on their other core businesses. This decision comes five years after entering the gaming business, which currently has a global value of USD 185 billion.

Currently, ByteDance has stopped releasing new games and plans to divest the games that have already been launched. Previously they had been looking for potential buyers for Moonton, the company behind the popular game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which was also recently acquired by ByteDance in 2021.

Even though they had fierce competition in the gaming business, relations between ByteDance and Tencent have recently warmed up after Tencent often used ByteDance’s advertising network to promote their newest game entitled DreamStar.

Previously it was reported that last November there were several potential companies that wanted to buy Moonton. Including companies based in Saudi Arabia.

Moonton Technology was acquired in 2021 for USD 4 billion or around IDR 62.2 trillion. Shortly after the acquisition, the Chinese government set various strict regulations for the gaming industry, which caused the development of the gaming business in China to decline.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.44: Nana becomes OP

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.44 has finally been officially released. Moonton has prepared various updates, from battlefield adjustments to buffed heroes.

“In this update, we continue to optimize and improve the gameplay of heroes that have been released for a long time. Meanwhile, you focus on the fighter experience in the exp lane,” said Moonton, quoted by Game Station from Mobile Legends in-game, Wednesday (20/12/2023 ).

In this patch, the developer adjusted fighter and tank heroes with high endurance, so they can use Revamp War Ax and Brute Force Breastplate as their main equipment. These two items have different benefits.

Revamp War Ax provides sufficient true damage. Meanwhile, the Brute Force Breastplate ensures balanced attack and defense.

“We hope that Revamp Equipment brings new colors to the fighter experience in the game,” he added.

But not only that, because as stated earlier, Moonton is also updating several of its heroes. Here there are more than five characters who are given status upgrades.

So what heroes get buffs? Let’s look at the brief description below:










Apart from that, there is also information about the arrival of a new hero named Cici – Buoyant Performer. Unfortunately, due to a few obstacles, this hero had to experience a release delay.

Previously it was scheduled that Cici would launch into the land of dawn on December 23 2023. But it seems that Mobile Legends fans have to be more patient, because Moonton is currently making adjustments.

“We will notify all players regarding the latest release date as soon as possible after this problem is fixed,” he concluded.

AP Bren Wins M5 Mobile Legends 2023, Beats Onic 4-3

The Mobile Legends world championship, M5 World Championship, has ended. The home team, AP Bren, emerged as champions.

They won the title of best team after defeating Indonesia’s representative, Onic Esports, in the grand final round. The match was held yesterday, December 17 at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, Manila, Philippines, starting at 18.00 WIB.

The competition scheme implemented is different from before. Onic and AP Bren fight in a best of 7 (Bo7) format, where one of them must win four games if they want to be declared champion.

Appearing in front of many supporters, AP Bren looked confident. It was as if they had learned from their defeat in the last upper bracket final, when they were slaughtered by Onic 3-0.

Since the first game started, Kyletzy and his friends have stepped on the gas. Onic was overwhelmed by all the attacks they gave.

The extraordinary synergy displayed was able to destroy the strategy of coach Yeb and Adi’s children. AP Bren, with his cool play, also secured the first game.

Even so, Onic did not remain silent. The team, which has the nickname The Heavenly Kings, shows its quality. They were able to equalize in the second game.

AP Bren win the M Series Mobile Legends title twice.

But unfortunately it didn’t last long. Because in the third and fourth games AP Bren was back on track. Once again they were able to destroy Onic Esports’ playing style.

But not with the fifth and sixth games. Onic’s children managed to steal the winning points. In this way, AP Bren was forced to play the match in the seventh game.

This is the final battle for both of them. Winning is a fixed price they have to pay.

The match was fierce. Buying and selling attacks cannot be avoided. Onic and AP Bren both don’t want to lose.

They are trying to find a way to win the M5 World Championship title. It’s just that AP Bren here looks more comfortable when playing.

Repeatedly the home team was able to take advantage of small mistakes by CW and friends. Every time AP Bren is superior in number of heroes, they always put pressure on Onic.

His efforts also paid off. After winning the war that occurred in the mid area, AP Bren did not need to rely on the lord to end the game. They barged in from the middle lane and immediately destroyed Onic Esports’ main base.

As a result, AP Bren won with a final score of 4-3. They became the first team to win the M Series Mobile Legends title twice.


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