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Owner of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher Games Not Interested in Being Acquired

CD Projekt Red, a Polish game studio known for its work Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher, has confirmed that it is not interested in being acquired. This statement came directly from the mouth of the CEO, Adam KiciƄski.

“We have a clear position, supported by the regulations contained in the law. We are not interested in being included in a larger entity,” said Adam in an interview with Parkiet, reported by Game Station, Tuesday (9/1/2024).

Adam admitted that his company had worked so hard to get to where it is today. He is also very confident that CD Projekt Red can become an even bigger and stronger game studio in the future.

To make this big dream come true, it was said that they certainly have a cool strategy. However, Adam did not explain in detail regarding future programs.

“We have ambitious plans and we are passionate about what we do. We value independence,” he added.

Likewise, Adam said that he currently has no plans to acquire anything. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t open to ideas to accelerate the company’s growth.

CD Projeck Red is angry because they were asked to acquire Cyberpunk 2077

“But we are not interested in purchases that only aim to incorporate the acquired companies into our group and consolidate their financial results. We do not see the value in them,” he stressed.

Even though he doesn’t want to be taken over by another party, Adam stated that the company’s finances are still safe. He said the strategy implemented had been well calculated.

He is very confident that CD Projekt Red can survive with the funds it currently has. With confidence, Adam also said that his game studio does not need to look for additional funding sources.

But it is still unknown whether any video game giant has approached him or not. Whether it’s PlayStation or Xbox, Adam didn’t explain. It will be interesting to wait for their progress, considering that they are also working on several new games.

Very cool! Indonesian Gamer Makes Borobudur Temple in Minecraft in 100 Hours

It’s really crazy, a man spent up to 100 hours making Borobudur Temple. So how did he do it?

This story comes from a gamer and creator from Indonesia. He is known as Baww.

His name started to attract public attention after the video went viral. So last year, he created content on YouTube about how much fun he had making Borobudur Temple in Minecraft Survival.

Baww did this for 100 hours, of which 10 hours were spent grinding (the process of collecting goods/items), and 90 hours were used to build the temple.

He said that the production was divided into three stages. First, make the outline, second, place the blocks, and finally do the detailing.

To complete the first stage, Baww takes up to 10 hours. Then entering the second stage, he managed to complete the foot of the temple in 27 hours and placed the blocks in the middle for up to 12 hours.

Continue to the final stage, namely detailing. Here Baww’s work is more difficult, because there is a lot to make, such as stairs, ornaments, stupas and other details.

According to him, the most complicated part was making the temple wall ornaments. Even though it only takes 15 minutes, he has to make a very large amount.

Nevertheless, Baww managed to complete what he had started alone. After 90 hours of struggling with many blocks, he succeeded in building Borobudur Temple.

At the end of the video, Baww said that this was dedicated to Indonesia, which was celebrating its 77th birthday. Interestingly, this video only went viral in 2023.

The First Indonesian Gamers Makes One Of Miracle World

Many people are amazed by his skills. Not a few also appreciate his genius, in calculating every corner of the temple where the blocks will be installed.

After going viral, it turned out that Baww received an email from Borobudur Park. They appreciated his work, and gave the Creator free access to Bobobudur Temple for life.

For those who are curious about the manufacturing process, you can watch it directly on the Baww YouTube channel. Currently, the almost 18 minute video has been watched 3.7 million times, received 219 thousand likes and 11,386 comments.

A little information, coincidentally the Game Station team has asked Baww for permission to use information regarding the construction of Borobudur Temple via its official Twitter account. However, until this news was published, Baww had not responded.

Epic Games Wins Lawsuit, Google is Considered a Monopoly in the Play Store

After waiting for about three years, Epic Games finally won its battle with Google. A Federal Grand Jury declared that Google had exercised an illegal monopoly on its store.

The ruling also included findings that the tech giant abused the relationship between its app store and Google Play Billing service. Including agreements regarding game distribution with Activision, Ubisoft, Square Enix and others which are monopolistic in nature, as reported by Game Station from Kotaku, Thursday (14/12/2023).

So that means, from the results of the trial, it was revealed that they had made secret agreements with smartphone companies and game publishers. Here, Google reportedly spent billions of dollars on Activision and others, to keep it from launching its own app store.

That way, they can continue to maintain their dominance in the Android market. That’s the maneuver Google is trying to do against Epic and Riot Games.

But Judge James Donato has not yet decided which law should be applied. Meanwhile, he is still thinking about how to take the right steps to fix this problem.

It is known that both parties will meet again with the Judge in the second week of January. The aim is definitely to discuss how to resolve this illegal monopoly case.

But on the other hand, Wilson White, Google Affairs and Public Policy VP, said his party plans to appeal. According to him, the trial made it clear that his company only competed fiercely with Apple and the Apple Store.

Due to unfair prices on the PlayStation Store, Sony was sued for IDR 123 trillion

Sony, as the parent of the video game giant, namely PlayStation, has to face a mass lawsuit with a fantastic value. It is known that the figure reached USD 7.9 billion or around Rp. 123 trillion.

They were accused of abusing their position as game buying and selling platform providers. The information is that Sony provides unfair prices to customers.

Actually, this lawsuit came to Sony last year. There are at least nearly nine million names of British citizens behind the lawsuit, who have purchased digital games or additional content on the PlayStation Store.

Sony lost IDR 123 trillion

Alex Neil, the lawyer who defends consumer rights, estimates that the total losses from this case will reach above the previous value. According to him, the company requires digital games and add-ons to be bought and sold only through the PlayStation Store, charging developers and publishers a 30% commission.

Reported by GameStation from Reuters, Wednesday (22/11/2023), the claim said that customers paid higher prices for games and additional content than they had to pay.

In fact, Sony’s lawyers had asked that this case be dropped. He said it was flawed from start to finish. Unfortunately the objection was not accepted and the case continues.

Here the Competition Appeal Tribunal ruled that Neil’s case could proceed. However, people who made game purchases on the PlayStation Store after the case was filed in 2022, must be excluded from the group of plaintiffs.

Neil emphasized that Sony’s actions harm millions of people who cannot afford it. Especially now that there is a cost of living crisis and many consumers’ wallets are being squeezed.


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