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Series of layoffs in the gaming industry that will occur in early 2024

The storm of employee layoffs in the gaming industry apparently will not subside in 2023. The extreme cycle is still continuing, even starting in early 2024.

Several well-known companies were forced to start the new year with bad news. Not a few of those involved in this industry have had to lay off their employment.

The number of people who have been laid off is very large. To the point that some will lay off 1,800 workers.

So what company is meant? The following is the list, as compiled by Game Station from Kotaku, Tuesday (16/1/2024).

List of Companies Carrying Out Layoffs

The following are eight gaming companies that have laid off workers. Until this news was written, at least more than 2,700 people were fired.

1. Archiact

On January 4, the first company to announce employee layoffs came from Archiact. However, they did not specify how many people had been expelled.

“We are working with these individuals to offset this difficult transition as much as possible, including through reverse recruiting,” Archiact said.

2. Bossa Studios

Actually, technically the layoffs occurred at the end of 2023, only they were only reported and confirmed on January 5 2024. Here they laid off 19 workers.

3. Unity

This game engine company just announced on January 8 that they would lay off 1,800 workers. That means Unity is cutting 25% of its staff.

It could be said that these layoffs are the largest in the company’s history. They said the employee layoffs would be completed next March.

4. Twitch

After Unity, Twitch also revealed that it was preparing to lay off 500 employees on January 9. The company will do this at the end of January.

That means they will lose about 35% of their workers. However, it turns out that Twitch previously carried out layoffs in March and October 2023.

5. Playtika

On January 11 2024, the publisher and developer of this mobile game plans to fire 400 employees. This amount is equivalent to 10% of the company’s total workforce.

Playtika previously laid off 900 employees in 2022. But after that, the company instead poured USD 300 million or around IDR 4.6 trillion to acquire Innplay Labs in 2023.

6. Discord

At the same time, Discord also reported that it would send home 17 percent of its total staff. That number is estimated to be around 170 employees.

Discord CEO Jason Citron said in an internal memo that layoffs were necessary to make Discord more efficient, after excessive hiring in 2020.

7. Lost Boys Interactive

Apart from that, Lost Boy Intractive also laid off its employees. However, they did not provide details on how many people were fired.

“It seems like most of Lost Boys Interactive was laid off today, myself included,” wrote Jared Pace, a producer at the studio on Linkedin.

8. Funselector

Canadian game studio, Funslektor, announced that three of its developers have been laid off. These three are the great people behind the creation of the Art of Rally game.

PUBG Mobile Will Collaborate with Hunter x Hunter?

Speculation regarding a potential collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the Hunter x Hunter anime in early 2024 is currently being widely discussed in the gaming community.

Even though there has been no official announcement from PUBG Mobile, several PUBG Mobile influencers and casters in Indonesia have provided clues regarding the possibility of this rumor. Apart from that, there is also a lot of video content circulating on various digital platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Game Station news portal and YouTube which increasingly convinces the PUBG Mobile community of this collaboration.

Hunter x Hunter fans are very excited to see their favorite characters appear and be played in PUBGM in-game activities. The prospect of playing as an iconic character from this anime series has generated enthusiasm among fans.

Of course, this is not the first time PUBGM has collaborated with a popular Japanese anime title. Previously, PUBG Mobile had collaborated with Evangelion, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Dragon Ball. Big screen shows such as Spider-Man: No Way Home and Godzilla Vs Kong have also joined the world of PUBG Mobile.

Drawing parallels with previous successful collaborations in the anime realm, it is hoped that PUBGM will introduce characters from Hunter x Hunter to the game. The biggest question is which characters will appear in the PUBGM game? Speculation points to key figures such as Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio, all of whom are important in the plot of the Hunter x Hunter anime.

Although this collaboration has not been officially confirmed, the prospect of combining the dynamic gameplay of PUBGM with the Hunter x Hunter characters promises an exciting gaming experience that is worth looking forward to for fans of both.

Playstation Holiday Sale 2023: PS4 and PS5 Games Up to 95% Off

Sony is holding a game discount at the end of the year with the title ‘Holiday Sale 2023’. Various games that have been discounted can be accessed on the PlayStation Store page.

This discount will last from Wednesday, December 20 2023 to January 17 2024. In total, Sony is giving discounts on 1,908 games. In this discount, Sony gives a big discount of up to 95%.

Some games that get a 95% discount are Star Wars: Squadrons, Need for Speed ​​Heat Deluxe, Anthem and XCOM which are PS4 games. Apart from that, several PS5 games such as Deliver Us The Moon, Record of Lodoss War and Quake also get discounts of the same amount.

List of Discount Games on the Playstation Store

Compiled on Thursday (21/12/2023), Game Station presents a list of games that will receive a 2023 Holiday Sale discount on the Playstation Store.

1.Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition PS4 which gets a 50 percent discount to IDR 214,500

2.Elden Ring PS4 and PS5 get a 40 percent discount to IDR 449,000

3.Cyberpunk 2077 PS4 and PS5 which gets a 40 percent discount to IDR 419,400

4.Star Wars Jedi: Survivor PS5 which gets a 50 percent discount to IDR 504,500

5.Lies of P PS4 and PS5 which get a 20 percent discount to IDR 663,200

6.Tales of Arise PS4 and PS5 get a 50 percent discount to IDR 289,500

7.Assassin’s Creed Mirage PS4 and PS5 which gets a 30 percent discount to IDR 517,300

8.Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 which gets a 67 percent discount to IDR 740,000

9.Mortal Kombat 1 PS5 which gets a 40 percent discount to IDR 990,000

10.God of War: Ragnarok PS4 and PS5 which has a 43 percent discount to IDR 586,530

11.Hogwarts Legacy PS5 which gets a 50 percent discount to IDR 495,000

12.EA Sports FC 24 PS4 and PS5 which gets a 60 percent discount to IDR 403,600.

Raffi Ahmad and Baim Wong duel on Mendadak FF, who wins?

Rans Entertainment today, Friday (22/12/2023), is holding an esports competition entitled Mendadak FF. The event was filled with battles between several artists, cosplayers, creators, comedians and pro players in playing the game made by Garena, namely Free Fire.

The event was held at Studio Sepat 72, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. A total of 16 players were divided into two teams, including Frost led by Raffi Ahmad and Fire led by Baim Wong.

Raffi’s team consists of Marshel Widianto (Komika), Jinan (Ex JKT48 Member), Rasyah Rasyid (Pro Player & Content Creator), El Rumi, Praz Teguh (Komika), Cindy Gulla (Ex JKT48 Member), and Punipun (Cosplayer).

Meanwhile, the Baim Wong team is staffed by Angie Marcheria (Content Creator), Jesslyn (Ex JKT48 Member), Aldi TV (Content Creator), Aldi Taher (Celebrity), Ummi Quary (Comedian), Ayana (Ex JKT48 Member), and Kameaam (Cosplayer). ).

This is different from Free Fire competitions in general, considering that Sudden FF starts immediately from the semifinals using the best of 3 (Bo3) format. However, here they are not playing in battle royale mode, but in clash squad mode.

So the battle is four vs four in one arena. Not 60 players gathered in one map, and trying to be the only team that survives until the end of the match.

So, the winner in the semi-final round has the right to advance to the grand final round to compete for the championship title. Who do you think will be the winner, is Raffi’s team or Baim’s team?

The sudden excitement of Free Fire was also enlivened by Tretan Muslim, Coki Pardede, and Mayden as casters. For those who are curious, you can watch the live broadcast on YouTube Rans Entertainment.

Very cool! Indonesian Gamer Makes Borobudur Temple in Minecraft in 100 Hours

It’s really crazy, a man spent up to 100 hours making Borobudur Temple. So how did he do it?

This story comes from a gamer and creator from Indonesia. He is known as Baww.

His name started to attract public attention after the video went viral. So last year, he created content on YouTube about how much fun he had making Borobudur Temple in Minecraft Survival.

Baww did this for 100 hours, of which 10 hours were spent grinding (the process of collecting goods/items), and 90 hours were used to build the temple.

He said that the production was divided into three stages. First, make the outline, second, place the blocks, and finally do the detailing.

To complete the first stage, Baww takes up to 10 hours. Then entering the second stage, he managed to complete the foot of the temple in 27 hours and placed the blocks in the middle for up to 12 hours.

Continue to the final stage, namely detailing. Here Baww’s work is more difficult, because there is a lot to make, such as stairs, ornaments, stupas and other details.

According to him, the most complicated part was making the temple wall ornaments. Even though it only takes 15 minutes, he has to make a very large amount.

Nevertheless, Baww managed to complete what he had started alone. After 90 hours of struggling with many blocks, he succeeded in building Borobudur Temple.

At the end of the video, Baww said that this was dedicated to Indonesia, which was celebrating its 77th birthday. Interestingly, this video only went viral in 2023.

The First Indonesian Gamers Makes One Of Miracle World

Many people are amazed by his skills. Not a few also appreciate his genius, in calculating every corner of the temple where the blocks will be installed.

After going viral, it turned out that Baww received an email from Borobudur Park. They appreciated his work, and gave the Creator free access to Bobobudur Temple for life.

For those who are curious about the manufacturing process, you can watch it directly on the Baww YouTube channel. Currently, the almost 18 minute video has been watched 3.7 million times, received 219 thousand likes and 11,386 comments.

A little information, coincidentally the Game Station team has asked Baww for permission to use information regarding the construction of Borobudur Temple via its official Twitter account. However, until this news was published, Baww had not responded.

Feeling lied to by developers, gamers give negative reviews to The Day Before

The Day Before’s gameplay did not live up to promises, making many gamers feel lied to and negative reviews rained down. It even went straight into the list of the worst Steam games.

It first appeared on December 7, 2023. Present as early access, it turns out it didn’t give a sense of satisfaction to those who played it.

The Day Before gathered more than 30 thousand gamers, who played simultaneously. But after finding out that what Fntastic was offering as the developer was not suitable, the number of players dropped drastically.

Of course this makes many fans angry. Many of them gave very poor ratings, and called the developer a fraud.

“The biggest fraud in the history of gaming,” expressed the frustration of a gamer in the review column.

“This is the biggest failure in gaming history, and I’m happy to be at the forefront of this disaster,” continued another gamer.

Game Station monitoring from various sources including the official page on Steam, Friday (15/12/2023), it was recorded that only 15% gave positive reviews, out of a total of 21,495 people who recorded their analysis. To the extent that The Day Before received the title Overwhelmingly Negative.

What’s worse, after releasing The Day Before, a few days later the company said it would stop operating. This means they are officially closed here.

“Today we are announcing the closure of Fntastic Studio. Unfortunately, The Day Before failed financially, and we lacked the funds to continue it,” said Fntastic.

Suddenly this news became a hot topic among gamers. Not a few people make fun of it and make it a joke. One of them came from Pash***** who said something like this, “Fntastic released The Day Before and closed down The Day After,” he wrote.

Even so, the company admitted that it did not take any money from purchasing the new game. Fntastic said gamers can get a refund.

“Mytona (publisher) and we are currently working with Steam to allow refunds for any player who chooses to request one, regardless of game time,” Fntastic said.

Dismantled, Game “Counter Strike 2” Reaches 1,000 FPS

An overclocker (a person who likes to tinker with the clock speed of a computer’s processor/CPU) managed to make the game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) run at a frame rate of 1,000 FPS (frames per second).

Frame rate is a unit commonly used to determine how much image is displayed on the screen. Usually, the frame rate is seen from how many images appear on the screen in one second (FPS), so the higher the FPS number, the smoother the animation in the game.

In some games, including CS2, users can actually get a level of smooth animation if their computer can run CS2 at around 60-90 FPS. However, in the competitive scene (e-sports), FPS figures will feel increasingly important. Because, the higher the FPS number, the faster the game will respond to player actions.

Returning to CS2 which ran at 1,000 FPS, this achievement was achieved by an overclocker who is usually known by the nickname “der8auer”. He showed the results of CS2 running at 1,000 FPS in a video on his YouTube channel under the name “der8auer EN”.

In the video, he explains that the CPU used to get 1,000 FPS in CS2 is an Intel Core i9-14900K, while the graphics processing unit (GPU) used is an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090. In particular, the speed of this CPU has been increased (overclocked). such that up to 8.1 GHz.

Counter Strike 2 1k FPS

Before reaching a CPU with that speed, he said that CS2 actually ran at around 900 FPS with a CPU speed of 7.4 GHz. However, this was deemed insufficient and he then increased the CPU clock speed to 7.8 GHz, so that it could run in the range of 1,000 FPS.

This increase in CPU speed is of course also accompanied by an extra cooling system based on liquid nitrogen. This liquid can be put into a nitrogen tube that is “attached” to the motherboard to cool other computer components, such as SSD storage media connected to the board.

This liquid nitrogen itself is needed to make computer hardware, such as the CPU and GPU cool. The reason is, the level of stability of FPS numbers usually depends on the temperature of the CPU or GPU, the hotter it is, the lower the FPS you get, and vice versa.

Due to unfair prices on the PlayStation Store, Sony was sued for IDR 123 trillion

Sony, as the parent of the video game giant, namely PlayStation, has to face a mass lawsuit with a fantastic value. It is known that the figure reached USD 7.9 billion or around Rp. 123 trillion.

They were accused of abusing their position as game buying and selling platform providers. The information is that Sony provides unfair prices to customers.

Actually, this lawsuit came to Sony last year. There are at least nearly nine million names of British citizens behind the lawsuit, who have purchased digital games or additional content on the PlayStation Store.

Sony lost IDR 123 trillion

Alex Neil, the lawyer who defends consumer rights, estimates that the total losses from this case will reach above the previous value. According to him, the company requires digital games and add-ons to be bought and sold only through the PlayStation Store, charging developers and publishers a 30% commission.

Reported by GameStation from Reuters, Wednesday (22/11/2023), the claim said that customers paid higher prices for games and additional content than they had to pay.

In fact, Sony’s lawyers had asked that this case be dropped. He said it was flawed from start to finish. Unfortunately the objection was not accepted and the case continues.

Here the Competition Appeal Tribunal ruled that Neil’s case could proceed. However, people who made game purchases on the PlayStation Store after the case was filed in 2022, must be excluded from the group of plaintiffs.

Neil emphasized that Sony’s actions harm millions of people who cannot afford it. Especially now that there is a cost of living crisis and many consumers’ wallets are being squeezed.

More Game Revenue, Tencent is ahead of Sony and Microsoft

Recently, a study revealed that Tencent outperformed large companies such as Sony, Apple, Microsoft and Google in terms of revenue in the gaming industry. They occupy first position, with much more income.

This data was released by Newzoo, which collected sales information from each well-known game publisher during the first half of 2023. Compiled by Game Station from its official website, Monday (27/11/2023), they then compared it with the 2022 report.

It can be seen that here Sony, Apple and Microsoft have experienced an increase this year compared to before. But that’s not enough to overthrow Tencent, which has twice the revenue as them.

Referring to data revealed by Newzoo, Sony experienced growth of 8.7%. That way, game revenue in the first half of 2023 could reach USD 8 billion or around IDR 124.4 trillion.

Then Apple is in third place, because it was able to generate USD 6.9 billion or around Rp. 107.3 trillion. Meanwhile, Microsoft grew 3.5% compared to the first semester of 2022, so that previously the figure was USD 5.88 billion or around IDR 91.4 trillion, to USD 6 billion or around IDR 93.3 trillion.

As has been said, even though its income is very large and increasing, it is not yet able to compete with Tencent. This video game giant has more fantastic income.

Even though the numbers have fallen, this is still too much and difficult to overcome. They were recorded as earning USD 15.4 billion or around IDR 239.5 trillion during the half term of 2023.

The following are the 10 largest gaming companies that will have large revenues during the first semester of 2023:

1.Tencent – USD 15.4 billion or around IDR 239.5 trillion

2.Sony – USD 8 billion or around IDR 124.4 trillion

3.Apple – USD 6.9 billion or around IDR 107.3 trillion

4.Microsoft – USD 6 billion or around IDR 93.3 trillion

5.NetEase Games – USD 5 billion or around IDR 77.7 trillion

6.Google – USD 5 billion or around IDR 77.7 trillion

7.Activision Blizzard – USD 4.4 billion or around IDR 68.4 trillion

8.Electronic Arts – USD 3.8 billion or around IDR 59.1 trillion

9.Nintendo – USD 3.1 billion or around IDR 48.2 trillion

10.T2 – USD 2.4 billion or around IDR 37.3 trillion

From these values, it can be seen that Microsoft has a big chance to take second place. This is because they have acquired Activision Blizzard.

So Activision’s joining has an impact on the flow of funds coming into Microsoft from the gaming sector. This is because there are many games owned by Activision, which will soon be able to be enjoyed by Xbox gamers and Game Pass members.


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