Recently, a study revealed that Tencent outperformed large companies such as Sony, Apple, Microsoft and Google in terms of revenue in the gaming industry. They occupy first position, with much more income.

This data was released by Newzoo, which collected sales information from each well-known game publisher during the first half of 2023. Compiled by Game Station from its official website, Monday (27/11/2023), they then compared it with the 2022 report.

It can be seen that here Sony, Apple and Microsoft have experienced an increase this year compared to before. But that’s not enough to overthrow Tencent, which has twice the revenue as them.

Referring to data revealed by Newzoo, Sony experienced growth of 8.7%. That way, game revenue in the first half of 2023 could reach USD 8 billion or around IDR 124.4 trillion.

Then Apple is in third place, because it was able to generate USD 6.9 billion or around Rp. 107.3 trillion. Meanwhile, Microsoft grew 3.5% compared to the first semester of 2022, so that previously the figure was USD 5.88 billion or around IDR 91.4 trillion, to USD 6 billion or around IDR 93.3 trillion.

As has been said, even though its income is very large and increasing, it is not yet able to compete with Tencent. This video game giant has more fantastic income.

Even though the numbers have fallen, this is still too much and difficult to overcome. They were recorded as earning USD 15.4 billion or around IDR 239.5 trillion during the half term of 2023.

The following are the 10 largest gaming companies that will have large revenues during the first semester of 2023:

1.Tencent – USD 15.4 billion or around IDR 239.5 trillion

2.Sony – USD 8 billion or around IDR 124.4 trillion

3.Apple – USD 6.9 billion or around IDR 107.3 trillion

4.Microsoft – USD 6 billion or around IDR 93.3 trillion

5.NetEase Games – USD 5 billion or around IDR 77.7 trillion

6.Google – USD 5 billion or around IDR 77.7 trillion

7.Activision Blizzard – USD 4.4 billion or around IDR 68.4 trillion

8.Electronic Arts – USD 3.8 billion or around IDR 59.1 trillion

9.Nintendo – USD 3.1 billion or around IDR 48.2 trillion

10.T2 – USD 2.4 billion or around IDR 37.3 trillion

From these values, it can be seen that Microsoft has a big chance to take second place. This is because they have acquired Activision Blizzard.

So Activision’s joining has an impact on the flow of funds coming into Microsoft from the gaming sector. This is because there are many games owned by Activision, which will soon be able to be enjoyed by Xbox gamers and Game Pass members.