The Most Watched Game Trailer Isn’t GTA VI, But This Game

The GTA VI trailer which was recently released has indeed succeeded in attracting gamers’ attention. However, even though the number of viewers gathered is so large, in fact the video made by Rockstar is still inferior to the popularity of mobile games.

If you visit the Rockstar Games YouTube channel now, you can see the trailer for the latest GTA series, which has been watched 168 million times. This number is enough to overthrow the Minecraft trailer which was released 12 years ago.

Mojang as the developer of Minecraft, through its one minute video, has currently succeeded in getting 167 million views. But at that time it only placed it in second place, as the most watched video game trailer.

Unfortunately Rockstar is still not halfway there, to beat the most watched game trailer which was successfully snatched by Subway Surfers. Published in 2012, the trailer has been watched more than 361 million times, as quoted by Game Station from IGN, Thursday (18/1/2024).

Even so, it looks like the GTA VI trailer still has a big chance of winning the title. Because this game will only be officially released in 2025. Maybe when it actually launches, this opportunity can be realized.

Moreover, gamers are very enthusiastic about this new Rockstar game. Because after many rumors circulated, they finally confirmed that they would bring him in.

Meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive, which is in charge of publishing it, said that when it is released, GTA VI will not be available on PC. So gamers can only play it on PS5, Xbox Series

This is a list of PlayStation games that are selling well on PC

Even though Sony has never revealed data regarding PlayStation games that have been remastered for PC, it was recently revealed that these games are selling well on PC.

This information comes from leaked data that spread as a result of the ransomware attack on Insomniac Games. Of the 1TB of data spread around, one of them is the financial report of the game developer who is part of PlayStation Studios.

From one of the presentation slides distributed, it was revealed that the game, which was previously exclusive to PlayStation, also had successful sales when it was re-released on PC.

For example, Horizon Zero Dawn, which was released for PC in August 2020, or three years after it was first released for PlayStation. As of February 2023, the game has sold 3.3 million copies on Steam. That’s quite big for a game that is three years old.

What If All The Games Of PS, Can Be Play In PC ?

Then there is Days Gone which was brought to PC in May 2021 and God of War which was released on PC in January 2022. As of February 2023, the two games have sold 1.7 million copies and 2.5 million copies respectively.

It was also revealed that Spider-Man Remastered almost caught up with Days Gone’s sales in just six months. However, this is certainly not strange, because the Spider-Man game series has sold 33 million copies on PlayStation (and Days Gone only 5.8 million copies).

But of course there are also game series that were not successful when re-released on PC. For example, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, which sold less than 500 thousand copies. In fact, Sackboy only sold 63 thousand copies.

The weak sales of this series of games can be caused by many factors. For example, some of them are not very well known and the market preference is to wait for the presence of exclusive AAA games. For example, Gran Turismo will probably explode if it is re-released for PC.

Crazy Expert Predictions About GTA 6, Profit IDR 15.5 T in a Day?

Business experts have quite crazy predictions regarding GTA 6. Seeing its existence and huge popularity, they estimate that the latest Grand Theft Auto series will make tens of trillions of rupiah in profit.

One of the experts who spoke about this was Dmitry Williams. According to him, Rockstar Games, through GTA 6, can break all sales records in the history of the gaming industry.

Williams is not alone here, because many analysts also have high hopes for this new game. One of them estimated that GTA 6’s revenue could reach USD 1 billion or around IDR 15.5 trillion.

Interestingly, this income was not earned several weeks after release. Bryan Francis, an industry expert, said that this game was able to gain it only on the first day since its launch.

GTA VI will be the most profitable game next year?

This statement was motivated by the success of the GTA 6 trailer. Yes, the short video provided a brief overview of this game, breaking several world records, so Francis was confident about his future.

I don’t know whether the experts’ predictions can come true or not. But from rumors circulating, the marketing and development costs for GTA 6 are greater than its predecessor.

It is estimated that the money disbursed by Rockstar reached USD 2 billion or around Rp. 31 trillion. This is different from GTA 5 which is USD 256 million or around IDR 3.9 trillion, and GTA 4 is USD 100 million or around IDR 1.5 trillion.

If this rumor becomes a fact, according to Game Station team, can USD 1 billion or around Rp. 15.5 trillion be earned in one day? Let’s discuss in the comments column.

However, currently GTA 6 will only be released in 2025. Unfortunately, Take-Two Interactive as the publisher and Rockstar did not immediately launch it on all platforms, but instead visited PS5 and Xbox Series X/S first.

If GTA VI is released on PC, roughly these are the specs needed

Finally, news about the launch of GTA VI is no longer just a rumor. Because, Rockstar officially announced that this newest series is certain to be available in the next two years on the gaming platform made by Sony and Microsoft. So what about PCs?.

So far, Rockstar has not provided any information about the release of its games outside of these two platforms. This has also been confirmed by their game publisher.

“Take-Two Interactive as publisher is proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto VI will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in 2025″ said Take-Two, as quoted by our team from its official website, Wednesday (7/12/2023). /2023).

From the statement they gave, they did not mention the presence of GTA VI on PC or PS4 at all. It looks like gamers on these two platforms will have to wait even more patiently, because if you remember Rockstar’s previous behavior, they only released GTA V two years after visiting the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Who knows whether they will implement a similar strategy, or not bring it to PC at all. However, apart from that, several media have estimated the PC specs needed, if GTA VI is released on this platform.

Here they provide estimates, at least gamers must have PC specs as below.

GTA VI PC Specs (Minimum)

1.Operating System: Windows 10/11

2.CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K/AMD Ryzen 7 3700x

3.Memory: 8GB RAM

4.GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080Ti/AMD Radeon RX5700XT

5.DirectX: Version 12

6.Storage: 150GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

GTA VI PC Specs (Recommended)

1.Operating System: Windows 11 64-bit

2.CPU: Intel Core i9-10900K/AMD Ryzen 5 5900X

3.Memory: 32GB RAM

4.GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080/AMD Radeon RX 6800XT

5.DirectX: Version 12

6.Storage: 150GB NVMe SSD

So far, Rockstar has only revealed the first trailer for GTA VI. Just released yesterday, December 5, the 90 second video has already taken the internet by storm.

Since this news was made, the GTA VI trailer has successfully occupied the first position on YouTube trending. Then it was watched by 99,065,677 people, got 8.9 million likes, and managed to collect 727,610 comments.

It is likely that the number will continue to increase. This is because the video was only released yesterday and has been eagerly awaited by many gamers around the world.


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