Business experts have quite crazy predictions regarding GTA 6. Seeing its existence and huge popularity, they estimate that the latest Grand Theft Auto series will make tens of trillions of rupiah in profit.

One of the experts who spoke about this was Dmitry Williams. According to him, Rockstar Games, through GTA 6, can break all sales records in the history of the gaming industry.

Williams is not alone here, because many analysts also have high hopes for this new game. One of them estimated that GTA 6’s revenue could reach USD 1 billion or around IDR 15.5 trillion.

Interestingly, this income was not earned several weeks after release. Bryan Francis, an industry expert, said that this game was able to gain it only on the first day since its launch.

GTA VI will be the most profitable game next year?

This statement was motivated by the success of the GTA 6 trailer. Yes, the short video provided a brief overview of this game, breaking several world records, so Francis was confident about his future.

I don’t know whether the experts’ predictions can come true or not. But from rumors circulating, the marketing and development costs for GTA 6 are greater than its predecessor.

It is estimated that the money disbursed by Rockstar reached USD 2 billion or around Rp. 31 trillion. This is different from GTA 5 which is USD 256 million or around IDR 3.9 trillion, and GTA 4 is USD 100 million or around IDR 1.5 trillion.

If this rumor becomes a fact, according to Game Station team, can USD 1 billion or around Rp. 15.5 trillion be earned in one day? Let’s discuss in the comments column.

However, currently GTA 6 will only be released in 2025. Unfortunately, Take-Two Interactive as the publisher and Rockstar did not immediately launch it on all platforms, but instead visited PS5 and Xbox Series X/S first.