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The Most Watched Game Trailer Isn’t GTA VI, But This Game

The GTA VI trailer which was recently released has indeed succeeded in attracting gamers’ attention. However, even though the number of viewers gathered is so large, in fact the video made by Rockstar is still inferior to the popularity of mobile games.

If you visit the Rockstar Games YouTube channel now, you can see the trailer for the latest GTA series, which has been watched 168 million times. This number is enough to overthrow the Minecraft trailer which was released 12 years ago.

Mojang as the developer of Minecraft, through its one minute video, has currently succeeded in getting 167 million views. But at that time it only placed it in second place, as the most watched video game trailer.

Unfortunately Rockstar is still not halfway there, to beat the most watched game trailer which was successfully snatched by Subway Surfers. Published in 2012, the trailer has been watched more than 361 million times, as quoted by Game Station from IGN, Thursday (18/1/2024).

Even so, it looks like the GTA VI trailer still has a big chance of winning the title. Because this game will only be officially released in 2025. Maybe when it actually launches, this opportunity can be realized.

Moreover, gamers are very enthusiastic about this new Rockstar game. Because after many rumors circulated, they finally confirmed that they would bring him in.

Meanwhile, Take-Two Interactive, which is in charge of publishing it, said that when it is released, GTA VI will not be available on PC. So gamers can only play it on PS5, Xbox Series

Very cool! Indonesian Gamer Makes Borobudur Temple in Minecraft in 100 Hours

It’s really crazy, a man spent up to 100 hours making Borobudur Temple. So how did he do it?

This story comes from a gamer and creator from Indonesia. He is known as Baww.

His name started to attract public attention after the video went viral. So last year, he created content on YouTube about how much fun he had making Borobudur Temple in Minecraft Survival.

Baww did this for 100 hours, of which 10 hours were spent grinding (the process of collecting goods/items), and 90 hours were used to build the temple.

He said that the production was divided into three stages. First, make the outline, second, place the blocks, and finally do the detailing.

To complete the first stage, Baww takes up to 10 hours. Then entering the second stage, he managed to complete the foot of the temple in 27 hours and placed the blocks in the middle for up to 12 hours.

Continue to the final stage, namely detailing. Here Baww’s work is more difficult, because there is a lot to make, such as stairs, ornaments, stupas and other details.

According to him, the most complicated part was making the temple wall ornaments. Even though it only takes 15 minutes, he has to make a very large amount.

Nevertheless, Baww managed to complete what he had started alone. After 90 hours of struggling with many blocks, he succeeded in building Borobudur Temple.

At the end of the video, Baww said that this was dedicated to Indonesia, which was celebrating its 77th birthday. Interestingly, this video only went viral in 2023.

The First Indonesian Gamers Makes One Of Miracle World

Many people are amazed by his skills. Not a few also appreciate his genius, in calculating every corner of the temple where the blocks will be installed.

After going viral, it turned out that Baww received an email from Borobudur Park. They appreciated his work, and gave the Creator free access to Bobobudur Temple for life.

For those who are curious about the manufacturing process, you can watch it directly on the Baww YouTube channel. Currently, the almost 18 minute video has been watched 3.7 million times, received 219 thousand likes and 11,386 comments.

A little information, coincidentally the Game Station team has asked Baww for permission to use information regarding the construction of Borobudur Temple via its official Twitter account. However, until this news was published, Baww had not responded.

Minecraft Sells 300 Million Copies, Becoming the Best-Selling Game of All Time

Minecraft, one of the most popular games in the world, has just set a new record. This sandbox game has sold 300 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling games of all time.

This latest achievement was announced by developer Mojang Studios at the Minecraft Live event on Sunday (15/10). During the event, Mojang also revealed other interesting statistics, such as the average player making more than 700,000 cakes and 8.8 million pickaxes a day.

Mojang last revealed Minecraft sales figures in April 2021. At that time, this game had sold 238 million copies.

Mojang did not explain the distribution of Minecraft on each platform. So this figure of 300 million is a combination of sales on iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, Nintendo Switch and other platforms since 2011.

Thanks to this achievement, Minecraft is moving further away from Grand Theft Auto V in second place, which has sold 185 million copies as of August 2023. But GTA V is considered newer because it was released in 2013.

However, these two games have not succeeded in beating Super Mario’s record, which has sold more than 800 million copies. But Super Mario is a huge franchise with more than 20 games in the Super Mario series.

Minecraft is the most popular game among children

Another game that is no less popular is Tetris. Even though it is considered retro, Tetris has apparently sold more than 520 million copies in various variations since the 1980s, as quoted from Gizmodo, Wednesday (18/10/2023).

But Tetris and Minecraft cannot be compared. This is because Tetris is a game series that has different mechanics and graphics in each version and platform, while the game is the same game on any platform.

Minecraft was first released by Mojang Studios in November 2011. However, an incomplete pre-release version has been available since 2009. Minecraft was then purchased by Microsoft in 2014 for USD 2.5 billion.

Even though it is more than a decade old, Minecraft remains popular among adult gamers and children. Even outside of games, Minecraft cannot be avoided because there is a lot of content and YouTube videos discussing this game. According to Google, YouTube videos related to that game have been viewed more than 1 trillion times.

Even though the sales figures are fantastic, the number of Minecraft players is still less than other games such as Fortnite. According to data, Fortnite has a monthly active player count of between 220 million and 250 million, while Minecraft’s monthly player count at its peak was 182 million.

The Sandbox, a Minecraft-style game that can earn cryptocurrency

Recently, The Sandbox game has been on the rise, which is a game similar to Minecraft where players can earn crypto money in it. So what is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a game that provides a metaverse experience in it, namely players can gather in a virtual world, and apart from playing, they can also create assets to sell using cryptocurrency.

This game itself was created with the Ethererum blockchain, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies today. In this game, the ‘currency’ used is $SAND, which is an ERC-20 utility token that can be used for various in-game transactions.

Digital assets created by players include various things related to adventures or stories, be it characters, in-game items, equipment or digital decoration items, as quoted by Game Station from IGN, Friday (17/12/2021).

The game itself can be said to be similar to Minecraft, where players can create whatever they want. The goods they make can then be sold using the $SAND currency, and these assets can then be sold freely in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

There are three main products that form the ecosystem of The Sandbox, namely:

1.VoxEdit, where users can create 3D objects in The Sandbox metaverse

2.Sandbox Marketplace, which is a ‘marketplace’ for players to sell and buy products.

3.Sandbox Game Maker, where players can create their own 3D games for free.

Don’t worry, even though it involves making various digital items, players don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of coding, because the software provided by The Sandbox is fairly user-friendly.

Recently, Adidas Originals also marketed its products in NFT form and can be used exclusively in this game. Not only that, Adidas also bought a plot of virtual land, which they will fill with content and various exclusive experiences for their users.


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